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vintage thrifted spring style 2021

A thrifty, vintage spring-clean-out-fit

Spring has officially sprung. But for many of us the real turning point will be after the 29th of March when groups of six can gather again and our social lives return once more, just in time for warmer days ahead. By warmer I mean, with luck, anything over 10 degrees C. With the vaccines […]

Here’s to a thriftier new year

With 2020 now in the dust and many of us hoping a change of calendar means a change of luck in 2021, is there much chance for a slower fashion world? An article by the New Statesman from October last year broke down why a pandemic alone wouldn’t leave too much of a dent in […]

Who needs Black Friday? A #thrifted outfit for under £19

An outfit for when you’ve got a boiler to fix at 9:00 and a St Andrew’s Day celebration at 12:00. Just kidding, we’re still in lockdown/tier restrictions, but of course that doesn’t stop us all buying for when things will one day be, we hope, ‘back to normal.’ As is the Black Friday tradition, many […]

I styled cycle shorts for under £13 #thrifted

I don’t particularly like cyclists. I especially don’t when I’m trying to enjoy a refreshing quarantine-era park walk and they seem to zip right past every five seconds, but I will appropriate their culture. Who in the past few years hasn’t worn cycle shorts for anything but sports? Festivals, running errands, lounging around during Covid-19; […]

A Birkin-Beatty inspired second-hand look for less than £29

It’s that time of year again, people celebrating and rejoicing that spring has (kind of) sprung, and the sunnier weather likes to trick us into thinking it’s here too. The season may be fast approaching, beginning officially on 19th-20th March, but winter doesn’t seem to show any sign of giving up its frosty grip. Yep, […]

I shopped an entire outfit second-hand for under £23

For £22.35 to be exact. How, where and why you ask? If you haven’t already, read my intro post on why second-hand styling is important now more than ever in this age of fast fashion. I’m currently based in Colchester, where the town centre has a multitude of charity shops. One of my favourites has […]


Hi, my name’s Emilia and welcome to my thrifty fashion blog I’ve always loved shopping second hand. In quite a few of my free periods during sixth form college around 5 years ago The Salvation Army charity shop in Colchester was my favourite distraction from going to the library and memorising quotes from The Tempest. […]

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