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Who needs Black Friday? A #thrifted outfit for under £19

An outfit for when you’ve got a boiler to fix at 9:00 and a St Andrew’s Day celebration at 12:00. Just kidding, we’re still in lockdown/tier restrictions, but of course that doesn’t stop us all buying for when things will one day be, we hope, ‘back to normal.’ As is the Black Friday tradition, many online stores were offering huge discounts on clothing, furniture, electricals etc. Even though Black Friday sales projections were predicted to be lower overall than in previous years, research from PWC suggested that those interested in Black Friday could spend more as a result of the second lockdown. This would be due mainly to pubs etc being shut, resulting in redirecting ‘forced savings’ to the sales.

With the assumption that fewer people in general will spend because of lockdown/restrictions, some retailers such as Pretty Little Thing took their offers to unsavoury extremes. Many garments were sold for mere pennies, prompting us to question even further the ethics and true cost of fast fashion. Greenpeace rightfully pointed out that “when the cost of clothing is staggeringly low, you have to wonder about the human cost of making that garment, and whether it comes from a supply chain of exploitation…remember when you see clothes selling for cheap, this always comes with a cost to people and the planet.” Read this article for more insight on the current PLT scandal.

My hope is that through this blog I can show an affordable and sustainable alternative to fast fashion websites, where personal style is not sacrificed. With charity shops reopening after the 2nd lockdown, and the option to buy second-hand on Ebay, depop and so on, why not give thrifting a go?

My outfit in this post cost just £18.75 (see full breakdown of costs below) and I was fully able to embrace that turning point in the year when we say a wistful, regretful goodbye to Autumn, while still simultaneously greeting the Christmas season. Of course, this look also embodies my loyalty to Scotch whisky (note the tartan scarf). The Autumn/Christmas crossover mood is, for me, very Douglas Sirk’s All That Heaven Allows (1955):

A closer look at the white, denim jumpsuit- surely everyone’s favourite wardrobe staple. Surprisingly even without a coat it kept me pretty warm
Feeling too shy for a kilt? Try a tartan, wool scarf. This one, like the best whisky, was actually made in Scotland
Faux croc for that extra texture
Walking away briskly from my responsibilities
Felt like I’d struck gold when I came across these
As it turns out not the best shoes for traipsing through a leafy, muddy park- but they lived to fight another day

Breakdown of cost:
• Jumpsuit- £3, British Heart Foundation Colchester
• Bag- £2.95, Scope Camden
• Scarf- £1.20 plus £3.10 postage, Ebay
• Shoes- From the Vintage St Helena Hospice in Colchester many years ago, I can’t remember the exact price so I’ll give a guesstimate of £6
• Earrings- £2.50, Vintage St Helena Hospice Colchester
Total: £18.75

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